Hi! My name's   

and I'm »[…] just a regular everyday normal guy« working on design and code thingies like Catppuccin – well, sometimes. #opensource advocate and according to League of Graphs: a top 1% support player.

Always quite keen on new challenges I spent the past 15-ish years digging into design principles and web technologies – always trying to stay up to date with the latest and greatest design trends and tech stuff the ever-changing digital landscape – we all grew so accustomed to – has to offer.

Nowadays I don't get to work too much on web stuff as my main job is in communications, social media and press work. But whenever I get the chance I'll dig myself into some nice HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Besides web dev I also dabble into Linux ackchyually it's GNU/Linux??! I use arch btw., home and process automation, server side stuff, and cyber security.

Outside the tech space or well… at least partially I enjoy video games, hiking really depends on my mood tho or just reading a good book.

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